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Buy Futura Bold Online:

Yes, now you can buy the complete Futura Bold album or just selected tracks from home. The tracks you buy are MP3s 192Kbps encoded which means very high sound quality. MP3s at 192Kbps are known to provide transparent CD audio quality just in a more compressed format. Each track costs US $0.60.- You could download the whole album and burn it down into a CD using software such as Nero or any other CD burner. Email us and we will provide you the files to print out the cover art. Add a plastic CD case and there you go, you got the album in the laziest possible way!

How to buy:

The tracks can be purchased using a micropayment system called BitPass. It works like a prepaid card. You load your BitPass account with your credit card and you are ready to buy. The cool thing about BitPass is that it has been conceived to provide a quick method of payment for very small transactions. You can load your account with as little as US $3.-. That would be the whole amount charged to your credit card.

If you buy one Futura Bold track, your BitPass account will be deducted US $0.60.-. Once you bought the track, needless to say, it is yours and you can save it on your hard disk and/or burn it into a CD as described above (only once please). To buy a track just click on "Buy!" -or click the blue icon to view your account. Your e-mail and BitPass password will be prompted. If you have enough credit in your account access to the track will be granted. Each track has a lo-fi preview version in Real format so you can 'try before you buy'.

     _1. Sahara Crossing   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   _2. Agonia   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   _3. Muerte   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   _4. Shaking the Basement   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   _5. Bionic Heart   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   _6. Dogbeat   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   _7. Driving to Vegas   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   _8. Witchcraft   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   _9. The Fly   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
   10. Agronomix   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 

Also available to buy online (not released in the FB1 album):

           Fly in a jar   //.  lo-fi preview  //. 
     Dub o Matic   //.  lo-fi preview   //. 
     Bossa Cossa   //.  lo-fi preview  //. 

Other tracks to enjoy:

Fun & Garbage 3.6Mb   /   Casa Sueca II 1.8Mb   /   Immingrant's Dream 0.9Mb

Dogbeat first draft (fragment) 1.7Mb   /   Agronomix Live (fragment) 1.8Mb